Press statement on the Report on EU islands and cohesion policy


On 7th of June 2022 the European Parliament voted in favor of adopting a report on the current situation and future challenges of the Overseas Countries and Territories. 

It is very important for the OCTs, and the EU that the European Parliament adopted this report. The pandemic revealed the challenges we deal with as the world and the EU, including on our islands. The COVID-19 pandemic and climate change demonstrate the pressing importance of cooperation within the EU to combat climate change together. One of the key issues that poses a serious threat to the OCTs is climate change. The effects can be physically felt and seen by looking at sea level rise, coastal erosion, warming and acidification of the seas. This directly affects the livability of the territories, as well as economic sectors such as tourism. However, with difficult situations, opportunities to innovate and adapt arise.


Samira: “I join the call of the European Parliament to the European Commission for financial assistance and specific measures to make it possible for OCTs to mitigate the effects of climate change. If we promote green investments on our islands in the right way, we can collectively work towards climate change mitigation and economic development that will benefit everyone. From the youth to the elderly and the environment.   

I expect for the Parliament and the Member States that have OCTs to look to the opportunities we can collectively create to advance their position. We can invest in new sectors, create smart hubs of the islands and territories, and create an environment which we can all enjoy.”


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