MEP Samira Rafaela paid a visit to the ‘Bouwdepot’ project in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This is an initiative by designer Manon van Hoeckel in cooperation with the ‘Stichting Zwerfjongeren Nederland (SZN)’. During the visit MEP Rafaela learned about the initiative and its positive impact for the homeless youth.

The ‘Bouwdepot’ is a pilot project in which homeless young people receive a fixed monthly income for a
year, in order to build their own future. The Construction Depot believes that in addition to equal treatment,
these young people above all need equal opportunities. So that they too can focus on a study, a job or part-time job, or their own living space.

In her capacity as member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social
Affairs (EMPL), MEP Rafaela has been a strong voice on the issue of youth inclusion in the labour market. Building towards an inclusive society means also focusing on the barriers certain groups in our society face.