Several media outlets and human rights organizations reported on brutal sexual violence cases that happened recently in Pakistan. Violence against women and girls continue to be a problem and this includes abduction, physical assault, rape and murder. The most recent case, named the “motorway incident”, involved the rape of a woman by several men in front of her children. This has caused public outrage, further fueled by the attempt of the senior police in charge to victim blame the survivor.

In response to this, European Member of Parliament Samira Rafaela, together with her Renew FEMM colleagues, submitted parliamentary questions to Commission Vice-President in charge of external relations, Josep Borrell Fontelles.

MEP Samira Rafaela calls for concrete actions to be taken to address women’s rights, in particular violent crimes committed against women and girls in Pakistan, as well as the need to launch a reform of the police force.

See here the written parliamentary questions: Priority question for written answer Pakistan ‘motorway case’