Join Samira Rafaela for the webinar Gender in Trade Agreements where Renew Europe will launch its position paper on gender and trade. The webinar will discuss what role gender has in trade policy in general, how trade can support women’s empowerment and participation in the economy, how we can expand and enforce the capabilities for women in global trade, and in what way the EU’s trade agreements can contribute to gender equality worldwide.

This webinar will mark the official launch of the Renew Europe position paper on gender and trade, available from 12 April onwards via the Renew Europe website.

Guest speakers:

• Cecilia Malmström | Former Commissioner for Trade (2014-2019)

• Anoush der Boghossian | WTO Trade and Development Division and WTO gender focal point, World Trade Organization

• Karin Karlsbro | MEP, Renew Europe Group

• Barry Andrews | MEP, Renew Europe Group

Date: April 12

Time: 14:00