Together with MEPs Alice Kuhnke, Arore Lalucq, Manon Aubry and José Manuel Fernandes, Samira Rafaela hosted a webinar with the Green New Deal Intergroup. During the webinar, guest speakers discussed the social dimension of the upcoming EU’s Textile Strategy.

Women are highly overrepresented in the textiles industry. They face a wide range of problems related to their work in the industry. In the EU, we can make a positive contribution to effectively improve their situation on the ground. This is especially the case due to our imports of many textiles produced in countries where working conditions can be very challenging. The EU needs to positively contribute to a better working environment, addressing human rights abuses and promoting gender equality. We need to have mechanisms in our trade toolbox to address this, such as effective mandatory due diligence legislation.

See Samira Rafaela’s welcome speech here: