The State of Texas introduced a new law restricting abortion. The law makes it illegal to terminate a pregnancy by the time fetal cardiac activity is detectable. However, fetal cardiac activity can only be detected as early as six weeks from the last menstrual period. This law therefore undermines women’s autonomy, especially since the vast majority of women are unaware of their pregnancy by that mark. The ban makes abortion de facto illegal and only available to those who can afford to travel out of Texas, meaning that people on a low income and people of color will be harmed most.

The law also contains an unprecedented provision that encourages private individuals with a fine of $10.000 — including anti-abortion protestors and likeminded people with no connection to the patient — to file lawsuits against healthcare providers and anyone aiding in the procedure.

Samira Rafaela wrote a letter, co-signed by 112 MEPs, to Governor Abbott urging him to respect women’s rights and repeal this law.

You can read the letter here: Letter to Gov. Abbott