Samira Rafaela participated in the first seminars organized by Europe Direct Curaçao on 4 and 5 November

Europe Direct Curaçao is a center where people living in Curaçao can go to for all their questions about the European Union, European policy and other questions. Europe Direct invited Samira to participate in the very first physical seminars on the European Union organised by the center on the island.

During the working visit, Samira participated in a seminar on the role of Curaçao in the EU, and she talked to young people about their vision on European cooperation with the island. In addition, she spoke with school administrators about the importance of knowledge about the European Union for people from Curaçao, and discussed Curaçao’s role in relation to the EU during a webinar organized with the University of Aruba.

Apart from the Europa Direct programme, Samira has also had a number of appointments with various people to exchange ideas about the relationship between the EU and Curaçao, she visited a project in Tera Corá funded by the European Union, and she visited Mòru Bon Dia on Telecuraçao to talk about her work as MEP.

Samira undertook the working visit to Curaçao in the context of her work in the European Parliament on the Overseas Countries and Territories, and to strengthen their role and representation in the EU.