Suleyman Aslami

Head of Office

Suleyman studied Public Administration at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Antwerp. Suleyman worked at the Dutch embassy in Cuba and was active in the House of Representatives for D66 in the Netherlands before he joined the team. At the age of seventeen he won his first golden medal at the youth Dutch Championship for Olympic boxing.

Suleyman is responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the office and advises Samira on themes like artificial intelligence, ethics, and trade. He functions as a primary contact for her office. Media and press can also contact Suleyman.

For questions, you can email:

Janneke Stalenhoef

Office manager

If you wish to schedule a meeting or get in touch with Samira Rafaela, you can contact: or call: +32 2 28 459 07

Danaë Daal

Policy advisor women’s rights and gender equality, social affairs and employment

Danaë Daal hails from the island of Curaçao and is the advisor for MEP Samira Rafaela on the committee of Women’s rights and Gender equality, and the committee on Employment and Social Affairs. Before joining the team she has worked as a Legal and Foreign Policy advisor for the Department of Foreign Affairs in Curaçao and Sint Maarten, the latter in the position of deputy head. During her time in Foreign affairs she advised and worked on an assortment of policy and legal areas including diplomacy, legal research, treaties, human rights reporting, sustainable development goals, regional and Kingdom affairs. She co-founded the first Women’s Soccer Association in Sint Maarten and led the organisation as the President for four years. 

Danaë has a Master’s degree in Law from the Leiden University and speaks Papiamentu, Dutch, Spanish and English.

For questions, please email:

Matthijs de Meer

Policy advisor international trade and overseas countries and territories

Matthijs is the primary contact regarding the dossiers in the Commission International Trade. In addition, he focuses on the position of The Caribbean Netherlands within the European Union. Prior to joining Samira’s team, Matthijs worked as a Schuman trainee for the Legal Service of the European Parliament, and later on he advised local governments about European legislation in The Hague.
Matthijs studied Constitutional and Administrative Law, and European Law at Leiden University. For his European Law thesis he enjoyed a research internship with the East-African Community in Tanzania.

For questions, please email:

Stefan de Koning

Press officer D66

Stefan de Koning is the press officer for the D66-delegation in the European Parliament. He majored in Eastern-European Studies and political economics at the University of Amsterdam. During his studies he was part of the Jonge Democraten (Youth Democrats), for whom he was chairman of the national board for a year. Stefan has worked as an assistant for the primary consultant of the D66-delegation in the House of Representatives. He has been active in the European Parliament since the summer of 2018. Stefan has a special interest in Eastern-Europe, specifically in Russia and the Western Balkans. He closely monitors the developments regarding accession processes for the European Union in the former Yugoslavian countries. In addition, he is interested in the developments regarding nationalism since the fall of communism. Stefan’s maternal family is Serbian and he can speak Serbo-Croatian a little bit.

For questions, please email: or call +32 484 20 15 18

Shantinelly Martes

Trainee policy advisor overseas countries and territories

Shantinelly is from Curaçao. In light of her aspiration to follow up on the hard work her parents have done for her future, she has been studying International Public Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.
She’s very appreciative of multicultural environments and comfortable speaking three different languages.

She’s a very dedicated individual with experience in event organization and is willing to learn how to better communicate in different environments every day.

As trainee policy advisor for the Overseas Countries and Territories, she’s hoping to assist Samira Rafaela and her team to ensure that the interests of the Dutch Overseas Countries and Territories are adequately represented in the European Parliament.